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What we do

We create awesome animated content using innovative technology and a flexible team. Currently we are developing and seeking partnerships for “Norman’s Island”, an animated action-comedy for kids aged 8-12.

Our team is committed to telling great stories with new tools. We’re driven by innovation and like to keep our team small and flexible.


Norman’s Island

An action comedy with lovable characters, exciting action sequences and a rad soundtrack - Norman’s Island is an adventure the whole family can enjoy.

10 episodes - 22 minutes

For kids aged 8-12


How we do it

Norman’s Island is created using the real time platform Unity. We love the flexibility Unity gives us to collaborate and work quickly.

We also employ many other innovative and resourceful tools and technologies.

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Who we are

Little Mountain Animation is founded by industry leaders. With decades of experience ranging from companies like Industrial Light and Magic, Electronic Arts, Disney Interactive and MPC, we have a desire to create inspiring new stories using cutting edge techniques.

Its who we are.


The Team

Founded by Nathan Thomas, whose prior work includes studios as:
Industrial Light and Magic, Electronic Arts, MPC, Disney Interactive

Nathan has a desire to tell stories and create stunning animated sequences. But more than all that he loves family time and a good cup of joe. He loves animation, telling stories, and dabbling with real time technology.

Co-Founder Bradley Sorochka, whose prior work includes Electronic Arts and Disney Interactive

Bradley is focused on creating the best looking assets for real time environments. But when he’s not doing that he’s hiking a mountain with his three boys in tow.

Kimberly Thomas heads up our creative vision, she is our script supervisor and digital strategist.



Never hesitate to reach out. We are actively seeking new partners interesting in growing our current slate of IP, or building out something new.


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